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    Geometric Steel's Steel Decking Sheet offer superior
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    and 102mm for durable infrastructure solutions.
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Geometric Steels Rollforming Pvt. Ltd

GEOMETRIC STEELS ROLLFORMING PVT. LTD, an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company with manufacturing plants located in Kurkumbh, manufactures different steel products like Cold Rolled Steel Product C and Z Purlin, Cold Roll Formed Steel Sections. We believe our strength is knowing how to build partnerships that create new successes for our clients and add value to their businesses.

The composite slabs include a profiled steel deck with an in-situ reinforced concrete topping. The Decking is not only durable enough for the concrete, but it also provides enough shear bond to the concrete for the two materials to work together compositely. Geometric Steel manufactures decking sheet profiles in SteelDECK 52mm, SteelDECK 76mm and SteelDECK 102mm.

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Benefits of Composite Decking Sheets

Composite construction has helped support the importance of steel frames in the industry. The industrial building sector in India. The composite construction’s prime benefits are:

decking-sheet safety canopy

Safety of Decking sheets

The decking can act as a safety canopy, providing a secure operating platform and preventing workers below from falling objects from above.

decking-sheet weight reduction

Decking Sheet Save in weight

The composite deck structure is stronger and more durable than many other floor structures, which can reduce the weight and size of the primary structure. Therefore, the size of the foundation can also be reduced.

decking-sheet Save in transport

Decking Sheet Save in transport

Decking sheets are lightweight and come in pre-cut lengths tightly packed in bundles. Typically, a truck can transport more than 1000m2 of the decking. As a result, fewer deliveries are needed compared to other forms of constructions.

decking-sheet Sustainable product

Decking sheet provide Sustainability

The steel can be recycled without having to diminish its inherent properties. This makes the composite steel frame construction a more stable solution. “Sustainability” is an important basis for clients, and at least 94% of all steel products for construction can be recycled or re-applied when a building is demolished.

decking-sheet Easy of installation

Decking sheets are Easy for installation of services

Cable trays and pipes can be suspended from hangers that use special “dovetail” recesses, which are rolled into decking profiles to facilitate the installation of services such as electricity, telephone, and a network cable for I.T. The hangers also allow easy installation of false ceilings and ventilation equipment.

decking-sheet for low height construction

Decking has Shallower construction

The hardness and resistance to bending of the composite beams mean you can finish shallow floors better than non-composite construction. This can mean smaller floor heights, more space to accommodate low-floor services or multiple floors at the same overall height. This is especially true for slim-floor construction where the depth of the beam is carried within the depth of the slab.

decking-sheet Structural stability

Decking Sheet provides Structural stability

On condition that decking fixings are made and specified to carry the load, the decking is effective lateral restraint for the purlin. Additionally, the decking can be designed as a large floor to deflect the wind load during construction, and the composite slabs can act as a diaphragm in the final design. The floor structure is solid due to the extension attained of the multiple decking, supports, concrete and main structure.

decking-sheet Speed of construction

Decking Sheet provide Speed of construction

Multiple decking can be mounted on the structure using a crane and every sheet itself is fixed by hand. This process reduces crane time and allows one crew to install over 350m2 of decking per day, depending on the shape and size of the building. Using the decking as a platform works quickly for construction. You can pour a large area of the floor fast. Floors can be concreted in rapid succession. The use of fibred reinforced concrete can further reduce the program, as the reinforcement installation period is significantly reduced.

decking-sheet shear stud

Decking Sheets and shear stud

Hot rolled steel sections of the decking sheets act together with a concrete slab. The shear studs are necessary to transmit the force between the steel section and the concrete slab. The sheer connectors provide longitudinal sheer connection to steel part and concrete, which become studs that are welded on top of steel part. All connectors must be able to withstand the uplifting force caused by likelihood of the slabs to disconnect from the beam as it bends. For Shear studs, this is done from the head of the stud. The shear studs are usually welded to the beam along the deck sheet. This allows the concrete slab to form a large top flange for the composite beam as the concrete hardens and creates a strong section to support the finished slab loadings.

Decking sheet Applications

Composite decking slabs have always been used primarily in steel-framed buildings, but are also suitable for the following buildings:

  • Other commercial buildings
  • Industrial buildings and warehouses
  • Bridge /Walkway
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Cinemas
  • Housing- both individual houses and residential buildings
  • Refurbishment projects
Composite Decking sheet Applications

Our Products

High quality decking sheet 52

SteelDECK 52

SteelDECK 52 profile is best in its class with a maximum cover width of 1030mm with a crest height of 52mm available zinc-coated steel that acts as a permanent formwork and it provides a solid working platform when designing the slab.

High quality decking sheet 72

SteelDECK 76

We believe our strength lies in how we create new successes for our clients, create partnerships that add value to their business, and help them succeed in business.

High quality decking sheet 102

SteelDECK 102

Specially introduced to cater larger spans due to high crest of 102 mm. SteelDECK 102 Profile deck sheets as sacrificial shuttering have become an obvious choice due to being stronger than conventional shuttering.


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